Workshop on Supporting Education Programs in China – Understanding Needs for Better Solutions

Dates: 14 April 2014

Venue: Hong Kong

As part of our 10 year anniversary celebration, we hope to share our experiences and lessons through various platforms to further promote the industry’s development.

In such, we have held a Workshop on Supporting Education Programs in China on 14 April 2014, for interested parties to learn more about some of the needs and trends in education programs in China, and to collaboratively come up with solutions for better programs and support.

陳一心家族基金會 – 開幕介紹 Video
耿和蓀 – 中國大陸公益 PDF (5.2mb) Video
王勝 – 中國內地的教育政策現狀和展望 PDF (569Kb) Video
高廣深 – 中國NPO面臨的挑戰 PDF (1.1mb) Video
西部陽光農村發展基金會 Video
為中國而教 – 幫助留守兒童從哪裡入手 PDF (3.5mb) Video
INCLUDED 活力社區 - 探索和反思 PDF (381Kb) Video
歌路營 – 新一千零一夜項目 PDF (1.5mb) Video
陳一心家族基金會 – 經驗分享及小組討論 PDF (1.9mb) Video
下午 – 香港工作坊過程記錄 - CBAC PDF (381Kb)
Highlight video Video

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