Hefei Stone Soup Happy Reading Alliance Open Day

Dates: October 17-19, 2016

Location: Hefei, China

Various Stone Soup Happy Reading Alliance member schools opened its doors for visitors on October 17-19, 2016 as part of the Open Day activities. This was to help the visitors understand how Alliance schools build its reading environment and reading culture, and how schools develop libraries into reading resource centers. Approximately 120 people participated in the Open Day, including Education Bureau staff, school principals, teachers and NGOs from across China.

During the two-day school visits, each school shared their reading philosophy and methodology during campus and library tours, reading promotion work introduction and reading class observation.

The final day was reserved for the Reading Forum, where the discussion revolved around the topic of “How to Embed Reading into School Culture”.

Extracting from their experience in running successful reading programs in Hefei, Hunan and Taiwan, local Education Bureaus, schools and NGOs shared their understanding on how reading is integrated into the education system and how they went about achieving this goal.

The Foundation also used this opportunity to launch and distribute its new publication “A Pictorial Guide: Creating an Attractive Reading Environment”. The Guide shares ideas on how to develop a reading culture based on the theory of free voluntary reading, and provide suggestions on ways to build a reading culture within schools.

Open Day Agenda
October 17-18 Alliance School Visit
October 19 Reading Forum
Event Details
Open Day Manual (in Chinese only)   PDF (3.2mb)
October 17-18 School Visit Presentations
Group A Group B Group C
Xie Gang School (5.7mb) Tunxilu School (3.9mb) Yangguang School (41.8mb)
No.3 Primary School
Affiliated to Hefei Normal University
Shuguang School (5mb) Qingnianlu School 1 (27.3mb) 
Qingnianlu School 2
Gedadian School (19.2mb)   Changfeng County Gangji Center School (238kb)
October 19 Reading Forum    
Jennifer Ho
Chief Executive, The Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation
Introduction to CYSFF (in Chinese) PDF (1.6mb)
Cindy Qin
Special Programs Manager, The Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation
CYSFF Flagship Program Introduction – Stone Soup Happy Reading Alliance (in Chinese) Presentation PPT (793kb)
James Henri
Professor, The Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation
Pictorial Guide to School Reading Culture and School Library Development PPT (399kb)
Leung Wai Ming
Principal, Reading Dreams Foundation Chairman
Introduction to Reading Dreams Foundation (in Chinese) PPT (4.6mb)
Joyce Chao-chen Chen Professor, National Taiwan Normal University Reading Promotion Policy and Results in Taiwan (in Chinese) PPT (7.1mb)
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