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The Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation

Enhancing learning and development opportunities for all

To help every single person reach their full potential, we invest capital, time and expertise into projects in early childhood literacy and vision correction.

What we do

The Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation is dedicated to driving long-term global change through investment in early childhood literacy, education and access to vision correction.

Build, support and sustain innovative approaches that enhance access to books, modern learning techniques and inspire a love of reading.

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Improve access to eye care services worldwide and support research of the impact of vision correction on international development.

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Amplify the lessons learned and approaches adopted, supporting others on their own philanthropic journey.

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Our Journey

The Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation was established in October 2003 to put philanthropy at the centre of the family’s ethos.

Founder James Chen was inspired by his grandfather, Mr. Chen Zao-Men and his father, Mr. Robert Yet-Sen Chen, who believed passionately in giving back to society. Their lifelong dedication to supporting the development of their communities has shaped the philanthropic principles of the foundation.


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