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2011 Third International Conference: The Power of Reading – School Library and Reading Culture Development in China

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This conference designed to be highly interactive and targets policy makers, donors, academics, principals, teachers and NGO professionals in the fields of library, literacy and education. It provided a platform for the sharing of experiences and knowledge on how to encourage and facilitate reading for pleasure among children and youth in school and community settings.

The Foundation also shared the progress and reviewed the development of our flagship library project, which first started in 2006 and is currently in the implementation stage, with the goal to build a campus-wide model for developing a richer reading culture at six public primary schools in Hefei.

Around 250 participants attended this highly interactive conference.

Presentations :

Stephen Krashen The Power of Reading PDF
Sue Nichols
The Landscape of Narrative  



A Jia, Robbert The Successful Factors of Creating Campus Reading Culture (Only Chinese)  


Hu Dongmei My Reading Promotion Story (Only Chinese)