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2015 Fifth International Conference: Breaking Reading Myth – Hefei Reading and School Library Learning Forum and Library Innovation Award Sharing Event

19th October 2015 to 21st October 2015

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The Foundation has over ten years of expertise in the reading field and we would like to continue to support the development of the industry through sharing our experience and know-how with our peers.

In light of this, we believe our well-structured program model of the Hefei Flagship Program can be of reference to our peers in helping them to develop new program initiatives. In order to achieve these two objectives, we focused on the following discussion points at the Forum.

1. Where do children’s reading interests and abilities come from?

2. What is the development path of school reading and library programs?

3. How to evaluate reading and library programs?

4. How to overcome bottlenecks in reading and/or librarian teachers’ professional path to promote career growth?

Conference Brochure (Only Chinese): 

Conference Brochure PDF


Prof LEE Syying

The National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

The Myths and Truths about Reading PDF


University of Prince Edward Island, Canada
Effective Monitoring & Evaluation PDF

Prof James HENRI

School Library & Reading Project Consultant, The Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation


The School Library can be the most important internal influence on school quality PDF
Ms. ZHAO Min
Hefei Teacher Librarian Association
Introduction of Hefei Teacher Librarian Association PDF
Mr. CHEN Jun

Librarian Supervisor, Hefei Tunxilu Primary School

General Introduction for School Library Course PDF
Ms. JIANG Ying
Librarian Teacher, Hefei Qingnianlu Primary School
Teacher Librarian Development Diary PDF
Mr. Kwabena DANSO
Executive Director,The Yonso Project
Presentation on the Impact of Reading on Ghana’s Education PDF