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A Dialogue in Family Philanthropy

June 7-9, 2015

A Dialogue in Family Philanthropy.jpg?1

An intimate gathering of like-minded Family Foundation Principals from the Greater China region.

A unique opportunity for Principals to share and learn from each other, to meet world-class practitioners, and to engage in conversations on social innovation, family philanthropy and impact investment.

We hope that the lessons, connections, and discussions arising during the Dialogue will catalyze and amplify efforts to create real impact in the region.


Tina Chan

Executive Director, CYSFF

About The Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation PPT

James Chen

Co-Chair, CYSFF


A Path to Positive Social Change PPT

Bill Bleisch

Program Director, CERS


Non-Profit Organization (NPO) Donor Relationship: Harmony & Dissonance PPT

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