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Daisy Chen


Mrs. Daisy Chen, is the co-founding board member of The Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation and the wife of the late Mr Robert Chen Yet-Sen. She is the mother of James Chen, Chair of the Foundation.

Mrs. Chen is the founder and sponsor of the Feng Zikai Chinese Children’s Picture Book Award which was launched in 2009 and has delivered a generation of original Chinese content, rich, captivating stories for children to enjoy globally.

In speaking about inspiration for the Award, she says “I would often see my grandchildren fully immersed in children’s English language picture books. I was always curious about what attracted and held their attention. After volunteering with Bring Me a Book Hong Kong, I realized that children never get tired of the same story when the original work is engaging and of high quality. With creative illustrations, children can have a different experience each time they interact with the same book. By creating our Award, we hope to share these Chinese stories with the world.”