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Feng Zikai Chinese Children’s Picture Book Award Authors Visit to Hefei Alliance Schools

CYSFF celebrated the 26th World Book Day with a fun filled 2 day event in Hefei. We were delighted to have two winners of Feng Zikai Chinese Children’s Picture Book Award; Huang Li and Yu Hongcheng, visiting the schools of the Hefei Stone Soup Happy Reading Alliance on April 26-27.

The author / illustrators shared their personal stories behind the creation of their award winning books with the teachers and students. It was a very happy exchange of positive experiences mixed with learning – a very welcome combination. Our speakers inspired the attendees with their dialogue of children’s picture book interpretation and exploration – all to promote the fun of reading.

We were delighted that the author / illustrators were able to visit 8 Hefei Alliance schools which was very well received by the school community. The teachers and students not only had the opportunity to listen to the author’s creation process, but also to encourage the reading of high-quality children’s picture books thus further deepening the school’s reading culture.

During the two-day trip, the two authors were able to connect to the young readers and to also deliver two lectures to teachers from the Alliance Schools.  We are pleased to share a link to these lectures so that you revisit the messages from our speakers.  Please note the lectures are in Chinese.

We are delighted that these lectures are further inspiring teachers and reminding them about their important role in promoting the joy of reading picture books to their students. As the Andersen Prize winner Chambers said;

“Children who don’t read, are created by people who don’t read. Our book resources may be scarce, book reserves are too small or damaged, or we have encountered various difficulties. But there is one more thing that can surpass all of this: a devout adult reader, an adult who understands what children needs, that person is the most indispensable element in reading education.”

Lecture 1: Build a bridge for children’s hearts


Ms. Huang Li, the illustrator of book The Grandmother’s House and An’s Seeds (2019)

To view the lecture’s video, please click the following link (Chinese version only):

Lecture 2: Use observation to open up imagination


Ms. Yu Hongcheng, the author and illustrator of book Where Does Rice Come From (2017)

To view the lecture’s video, please click the following link (Chinese version only):