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Guangyuan Project Activities Update

Guangyuan School Visits

The Foundation team visited three of our schools on March 16 & 17 to see their progress. We also were on hand to help with any challenges, to give advice on how to improve the school library environment. Our message always emphasized the importance of self-selection of reading material by the students and to incorporate independent reading time in the school program whilst the students are on campus.

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Guangyuan School Visits-March 2022 - pix 2.jpg?1

Fun, comfortable furniture are a key feature in our libraries – to make it a welcoming space for the children to enjoy their reading time.                                    

To encourage engagement with the students, we recommend bookshelves that can display featured books – with front cover facing out – and place these bookshelves near the entrance of the school library.

Guangyuan Schools – Mid-Term Project Meeting

The Foundation team held a mid-term project summary meeting with all project schools’ leaders from our 16 schools, including vice principals and academic directors who are specifically responsible for project implementation.

In the meeting, we strengthened the consensus and understanding of the concept of “happy reading” and project objectives by sharing reliable reading research and reviewing the activities conducted during the semester. In addition, the participants discussed the identified challenges and solutions.

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Guangyuan Schools – Teacher Librarian Training

Module 5 training which focuses on Library Human Resources Development was held on March 18, 2022. Teachers gain knowledge of recruiting volunteers from the school community as well as outside of school to support the library operation works. Due to Covid-19, only the Foundation team were able to be present, facilitating the discussion and reflection. Three trainers from Hefei and Taiwan shared experiences and methods via online to provide further guidance.

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