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Guangyuan Project Kick-off Ceremony & First Module Training

 2021 Sep Guangyuan Project Kickoff Ceremony.jpg?1

The kick-off ceremony and the first module of teacher librarian training of our Guangyuan project was held on September 25 & 26. Guests included the Guangyuan Lizhou District Education Bureau, Taoxingzhi Research Association, principals and teachers from our 16 project schools and also teachers from other schools in Lizhou District. After the kick-off ceremony, we invited Mrs. Karen Ip*, to share her views on the topic on “Construction of School Resource Center under Future Education”. The lecture focused on the trends & challenges of future education; what is a student centered learning model; the role of school library, and how to build it.

*Mrs. Karen Ip is the Director of Hangzhou Yungu School Learning Center; the former president of Hong Kong Teacher-Librarians’ Association; the former teacher librarian of the ISF Academy and trainer of Hefei Teacher Librarian Training.

The following are the objectives of the first module training:

– Be able to understand the value and significance of the school library;

– Be able to redefine the responsibilities of the teacher librarian;

– Be able to understand the knowledge and ability that the teacher librarian should learn;

– Be able to analyze the opportunities and challenges of developing the school library in schools.