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Hefei Stone Soup Happy Reading School Alliance Event


The Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation, together with the Hefei Stone Soup Happy Reading School Alliance, held an exchange event in June with the following goals:

  • Facilitate communication and exchange between schools and especially different subject teachers within the same school;

  • Midterm review of the Foundation’s Teacher Librarian Training Program and confirm on next step;

  • Showcase the Alliance’s work to Education Authorities;

  • Invite vendors of library management software companies to educate principals and teachers about purchase standards of good software. Participated vendors included Hyweb from Taiwan and three vendors from China.

Due to semester-end exams, there were fewer participants than expected. However, more importantly, we have received full participation from Education Bureau representatives, school principals and teachers in charge of reading during the three day event. Other than sharing the achievements and outcomes, presenters also shared the challenges and issues that they were facing. The Teacher Librarians did an exceptional job in their presentation and pointed out things that even the Foundation and school principals did not consider before. We are greatly moved by the teachers and principals’ passion and dedication, and this has further strengthened our belief and decision to roll out our first Teacher Librarian training program in Hefei.

Presentations (Only Chinese):