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Hefei Flagship Program Review— Potential as a model for replication

A review of the Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation (CYSFF)’s Hefei flagship program review was conducted between November 2017 and June 2018 by an independent consultant. Through learning from the success and experience of the Flagship Program, the program review aims to present findings, conclusions and recommendations that could contribute to the creation of a replicable program model that promotes happy reading. This program review has adopted a mixed research methodology, comprising both quantitative and qualitative research methods, e.g. Questionnaire Survey \ Review of Secondary Data \ Focus Group Interviews \ Key Informant Interviews (Remote or Face-to-Face).

Some of the key findings are highlighted below:

  • The existing “Reading Mandala” within CYSFF can serve as a theoretical model for the Flagship Program in future replication. Regarding its operational model, the program can be conceptualized in terms of two sub-models, i.e. a school Free Voluntary Reading (FVR) sub-model and a school alliance model, serving different objectives but closely intertwining with and complementing each other. When it comes to program replication, it is not necessary to replicate both operational model as they have different objective. It is important to remain flexible for future adaptation.
  • It takes more than visiting the Stone Soup alliance schools and replicating the program model(s) to become successful in promoting “happy reading”. Other critical and favourable conditions are also important for successful replication and adaptation of the Flagship Program..

Other key findings in the review report include what the probabilities of the relevance, effectiveness and sustainability of the various elements of the flagship project are; and what the factors are in contributing to or reducing the effectiveness and sustainability of the flagship project. The report concludes with recommendations for strengthening the potential for replication promotion, expanding the concept of replication promotion, and developing a replication promotion plan. Please read the executive summary for more details.