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Stone Soup Happy Reading Alliance: Innovation Fund Practice Sharing Event

2022 Jan Innovation Fund Practice Sharing Event.jpg?1

On January 6, the Hefei Teacher Librarian Association (HFTLA) held the Innovation Fund Practice sharing event to review the work of 2021. Due to the epidemic policy, only 50 people were allowed to participate in this event. Of the 50 in attendance, the participants covered all the Stone Soup Happy Reading Alliance schools; including principals, teacher librarians and subject teachers. The Head of the Education Bureau also participated in the event.

To ensure maximum participation, the event was steamed live with many schools encouraging their teams to join. The feedback after the session confirms that the learning needs of many of the teachers was covered during the sharing event.

6 teachers shared their individual best practice stories during the session. In addition, senior teacher librarians were invited to give a lecture on the development of library collection.

This event is regarded as an important sharing activity of the Alliance with the Education Bureau and schools attaching great importance to it. The Innovation Fund also promoted teachers’ enthusiasm for reading, and they thanked the Foundation for its support.